I still need to explore many locations in London but wanted to visit Bath. Especially because of my interest in the Romains era. Bath is famous for her bath-houses with real warm water sources.

Back in the day the military came here to take baths and get spoiled by woman. The architecture here is still great and they really take care of everything. It’s a completely different world compared to the one in London.

I will look more into the history first before noting something down in my blog because I’m afraid I will transfer the wrong type of information.


London has many markets. Famous ones but also the ones you really know only via locals. Both have their special touch that you want to visit.

For me personally, Cambed Market was the highlight of all markets. This place is extraordinary and you will never find something quite like this in the states. I love the diversity in people here and the products they are trying to sell. There are many designers, graduated from designers schools but also autodidacts. Besides clothing you can find food from all over the world. Especially the Thai food is something to look for.

Apparently Camden market changes per day. And I have yet to visit it during the weekend. Can’t hardly wait.

The Big Ben

I love to switch things, with culture and then city life. London is a place I underestimated. Thought that 2 or 3 days max would be enough to discover the ins and outs. But boy, what was I wrong. This huge city has so much to offer. It has so much culture and heritage with it that it is impossible to even digest it within couple of days.

I think I will come back to London many times, even if it’s just for the food. I started at the Big Ben and had a tour in this extraordinary building. It’s huge and beautiful at the same time. The view from the Big Ben is crazy. I was lucky that it was not cloudy and could see quite far into the distance.

After seeing all the parts surrounding this place, among others the palace it’s time to visit the markets.


I want to do things very Ad Hoc, meaning jump from one place to another, almost like jumping through time. After arrival I immediately set up the journey to visit Stonehenge in the early morning.

The most amazing thing about Stonehenge is the mystery it still has. Eventhough it’s now a tourist attraction it still brings something new to the table, something you have no idea what it’s about.

Everyone is just making suggestions, which makes it even more interesting in all honesty. You are there, in the middle of nowhere and looking at this huge magnificent monument. No idea what it is, or the purpose of it, only knowing that it’s from back in the day and was made with a purpose, at least that’s what I hope.

I’ve saw it on the photos, but in real life it’s something different. The cold wind swooshing through the stones, while you are standing there in awe and looking to it. It feels like it was quite different before but because of mother nature and the elements of nature it took a shape of their own.

After digging some facts on the internet, I saw a lot of information how people believe it would have looked like before, but again, whether this is true or not will always remain a mystery.

First Step

Exciting times are ahead of me. First time ever in my life I will be an expat, and entering this new country. My future employee is a great one but they expect a lot of responsibility and that’s a good thing. I had to do some digging to find a good medical insurance for expats. First time every I can call myself an expat, pretty cool. I did some tests with learning to drive on the other side of the road and it went fairly well. Also getting my international drivers’ license was no problem. With my expat health insurance, drivers’ license and apartment in the pocked I’m ready to go.

Please visit me on my journey throughout this astonishing country.