I want to do things very Ad Hoc, meaning jump from one place to another, almost like jumping through time. After arrival I immediately set up the journey to visit Stonehenge in the early morning.

The most amazing thing about Stonehenge is the mystery it still has. Eventhough it’s now a tourist attraction it still brings something new to the table, something you have no idea what it’s about.

Everyone is just making suggestions, which makes it even more interesting in all honesty. You are there, in the middle of nowhere and looking at this huge magnificent monument. No idea what it is, or the purpose of it, only knowing that it’s from back in the day and was made with a purpose, at least that’s what I hope.

I’ve saw it on the photos, but in real life it’s something different. The cold wind swooshing through the stones, while you are standing there in awe and looking to it. It feels like it was quite different before but because of mother nature and the elements of nature it took a shape of their own.

After digging some facts on the internet, I saw a lot of information how people believe it would have looked like before, but again, whether this is true or not will always remain a mystery.